QmTRIAGE Breast Cancer Screening Tech From MedCognetics Cleared by FDA

A new piece of screening software from Texas-based MedCognetics meant to increase breast cancer diagnostic efficiency has been granted clearance from the FDA. Leveraging the wide-ranging strength of — you guessed it — artificial intelligence, QmTRIAGE pours over 2D full-field mammography screenings, flagging those that have potential abnormalities for immediate review by radiologist.

The software at the heart of QmTRIAGE incorporates datasets from de-identified clinical data from UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas as well as intellectual property from UT Dallas' Quality of Life Technology Laboratory. Both clinics’ parent schools hold equity in MedCognetics.

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"MedCognetics is committed to leveraging our technology to help improve outcomes across a diverse group of patients, and to do so, partnered with both University of Texas at Dallas and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) to address these disparities,” said Debasish Nag, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “In addition to this, our software's high detection accuracy enables reduced time for review by radiologists, another key component to improved outcomes. The FDA's clearance is a very important first step for us as we work toward expanding to other realms of cancer.”

Elsewhere in the tech world, mainstay Google has introduced its own AI-centric mammography tech for dropping false positive/negative statistics. As published in Nature, that system was able
to outperform actual radiologists in a 2020 study. Medtech company iCAD has also entered the fray, recently announcing a strategic development and commercialization agreement with Google that will see the latter’s tech beef up iCAD’s breast-imaging solutions portfolio.