Proper Adds Sleep Solutions To The Ranks Of Wellness-Focused Apps

The rapidly expanding telehealth market has seen a myriad of tech solutions pop up to tackle problems ranging from socially distant prescription refills to virtual mental health check-ins. New York-based startup Proper aims to fill a niche that, as of yet, remains undersaturated – sleep wellness.

The COVID-19 pandemic has lit a proverbial fire under the telehealth industry since early spring. While the normalization of virtual doctor’s visits was born out of necessity during a time of stay-at-home orders and voluntary quarantines, the rush to develop ways in which providers and patients could connect paved the road for highly personalized wellness apps.
With almost 1/3rd of Americans experiencing sleep issues, Proper has developed supplements with nutritional biochemist Dr. Alice Hirschel to combat a wide range of sleep disorders and issues.

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“Proper aims to help solve what the CDC has identified as a public health crisis - insufficient sleep -- with a truly more holistic and personalized solution,” said Nancy Ramamurthi, founder and CEO of Proper. She went on to describe how the company has combined the best aspects of natural and safe supplements “with expert behavioral coaching, which consumers have not traditionally been able to access. Now, thanks to the increasing popularity of telehealth, sleep coaching can be delivered online.”

Proper recently raised $9.5 million in funding in a round led by Snoop Dog’s Casa Verde Capital, which normally focuses on cannabis-related ventures. Redesign Health also participated in the funding. With Proper, customers can choose between five formulae: Core Sleep, Sleep + Restore, Sleep + Calm, Sleep + Clarity, or Sleep + Immunity. The supplements are available for just under $40 per bottle, with a 10% discount for those who opt into the subscription service.

Aside from the supplements, Proper adds personalized coaching to its subscription plan. Board-certified health and wellness coaches and clinical psychologists help users develop a sleep action plan, to help cultivate long-lasting behavioral changes that can lead to better rest. The coaching aspect hopes to identify and address the underlying causes of inadequate sleep to help consumers improve both their day and nighttime routines, as well as helping them manage their stress and improve their cognitive functions.