Prime Health Taps ProjectLine For SAP Business One Data Efficiency Boost

In securing a lucrative deal with a new customer, ERP implementation leader ProjectLine Solutions has managed to land a rising star in the nutritional supplements game: Prime Health. ProjectLine, which has established a loyal Canadian customer base, will have its top-tier ERP consultancy team leverage the SAP Business One implementation for its latest high-profile customer.

Prime Health has demonstrated a steady upwards growth trajectory since its founding in 1998. Its unflagging commitment to quality control and customer service has certainly helped its exponential expansion, and the company now serves a network of clients across North America, Latin America, Asia, and other emerging markets. As metrics requirements multiplied in line with its success, Prime Health inevitably chose SAP Business One via ProjectLine for its data centralization solution when the need for inventory management simplification and improved traceability came to a head. Moving to a single-system format does wonders for a business' ability to both track key components and maintain compliance with tricky industry regulations.

Ying Li, Accountant at Prime Health, said, “SAP Business One provides us a total solution for sales, purchases, batch manufacturing, warehouse management, accounting, budgeting and more. All team members at ProjectLine are customer-oriented, eager to learn, and listen to our needs, with great patience and professionalism."