Point32Health Taps Theranica for Migraine Treatment Wearable Pilot Endeavor

Point32Health, the parent organization of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Tufts Health Plan, has entered into a new partnership with prescribed digital therapeutics company Theranica, which develops neuromodulation devices for pain conditions such as migraines, which affects more than 10% the world’s population. Together, they’ll be embarking on a year-long pilot for a drug-free solution meant to help individuals suffering from episodic as well as chronic migraines.

Nerivio, the lifeblood of this collaboration, is a prescribed, smartphone-connected wearable developed for this treatment vector and already FDA-cleared for use by people aged 12 or older. The device is worn on the upper arm as soon as possible when a migraine attack commences, whereupon it uses remote electrical neuromodulation to produce conditioned pain modulation via an endogenous analgesic mechanism. Nerivio’s versatility and sensitivity makes it a viable option for standard-of-care use, standalone treatments, or as a supplement to existing treatments.

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"Point32Health recognizes the importance of providing its members with advanced effective solutions to improve their quality of life," said Theranica Chief Executive Officer Alon Ironi. "We are dedicated to making Nerivio accessible to people with migraine who seek cost-effective, chemical-free therapies to manage this debilitating disease. We look forward to working with Point32Health and with the healthcare providers participating in this pilot, and to forging additional strategic collaborations to ensure wide scope access to this disruptive-technology therapy."