Philips launches IntelliVue GuardianSoftware App, expanding General Care Solution

Royal Philips recently announced it won FDA 510(k) clearance for a mobile client application that lets clinicians monitor patient vital signs and early warning scores on mobile devices.

The application, IntelliVue GuardianSoftware, aims to improve workflows and clinical responsiveness by moving information that would typically be manually recorded onto mobile devices. To help clinicians provide better care, Philips said the software can identify signs that indicate a patient is deteriorating before the onset of an adverse event.

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The application expands Philip’s General Care Solution, which comprises wearable biosensors, patient monitors and algorithms designed to help clinicians make better decisions. Philips said IntelliVue GuardianSoftware is compatible with a variety of devices, including wearable biosensors.

"Patient deterioration continues to be a major concern in hospitals – one that can be further exacerbated when the right solutions aren't in place," said Philips Monitoring and Analytics Business Leader Felix Baader in a press release. "Clinicians need data in real-time to help them identify adverse events before they occur. Philips IntelliVue GuardianSoftware is always evolving to offer clinicians an intuitive tool to optimize efficiencies and clinical resources. With the introduction of the IGS mobile client app, clinicians can deploy resources more efficiently, and have a deeper view into their patients' status."

Philip’s announcement comes after the company missed Q3 earnings and comparative sales projections. Earnings before interest, taxes and amortization were 2.7% below estimates, and Philips CEO Frans van Houten attributed the headwinds largely to weaknesses in emerging market currencies. Comparable sales grew 4% over the period and comparable order intake increased 11% compared to Q3 2017.

Based in Amsterdam, Royal Philips is a technology company that started making light bulbs in the 1890s. Today, the company specializes in healthcare and electronics, and manufactures everything from consumer electronics like electric shavers to clinical imaging systems and healthcare software.