Philips and Biotronik Collaborate to Extend Outpatient Cardiology Lab Care

Amsterdam-based medtech company Philips has partnered with cardiovascular solutions provider Biotronik to expand outpatient cardiology lab care. The collaboration aims to enhance patient access, personalization, and cost-effectiveness in the treatment of cardiovascular and endovascular illnesses.

Philips has developed the SymphonySuite specifically for cardiovascular Outpatient Labs
(OBLs) and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). This comprehensive suite offers a wide range of high-performing and specialized equipment and devices, along with tailored services, financial solutions, site planning, operational support, and device programs.

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The alliance with Biotronik brings additional benefits to the SymphonySuite, including the
integration of Biotronik's cardiac rhythm management portfolio. By expanding the device
selection, both companies aim to enable further customization of patient care in OBLs and
ASCs. Moreover, they are keen to develop low-risk cardiac procedures that can be performed in these outpatient settings.

Chris DeCarolis, the head of procedural solutions for image-guided therapy at Philips, expressed the company's commitment to expanding access to care through innovative solutions. He emphasized that the collaboration with Biotronik allows them to stay ahead of physicians and patients by providing cutting-edge cardiovascular equipment, devices, and services in out-of-hospital settings. Additionally, this partnership aims to reduce cost pressures through innovative business models, benefiting both patients and healthcare providers.

By leveraging out-of-hospital treatment options, Philips and Biotronik seek to improve patient access and personalization while simultaneously reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

The transition from traditional inpatient care to outpatient settings has shown
promising results in terms of improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Biotronik, renowned for its cardiovascular solutions, already partners with outpatient clinics, offering its unique expertise and products. Through this collaboration with Philips, Biotronik aims to bring even greater value to its outpatient customers, particularly those seeking capital equipment for ASC and OBL facilities. Atul Suri, Vice President of commercial excellence at Biotronik expressed excitement about aligning with Philips and the opportunities it presents to serve the needs of outpatient care providers.

By combining Philips SymphonySuite with Biotronik's expertise and product portfolio, patients can benefit from a more personalized approach to care, reduced costs, and improved access to high-quality treatment.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, innovative solutions that prioritize patient-centric Care and cost-efficiency will play crucial roles. The collaboration between these two industry leaders exemplifies the commitment to advancing healthcare by leveraging technology and expertise.