Oxford Nanopore Introduces PromethION 2 Solo to Eager Genomics Market

Those engaged in human genetics and other massive dataset sequencing efforts will now have a top-tier tool to help in their mission. The fresh-on-the-market PromethION 2 Solo sequencer from Oxford Nanopore Technologies is touted as the most accessible, high-yield sequencing device on the planet. Its arrival constitutes a new era for the genomics market by hugely broadening the availability of real-time, high-yield, whole genome sequencing. “The P2 Solo device will further contribute to the ongoing democratization of genomics research and expand scientific discovery using comprehensive nanopore data,” said Gordon Sanghera, the Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Nanopore. “This provides a broader foundation for those discoveries to be translated to real-world impacts in cancer, human genetics, infectious disease and to reshape our approach to interacting with our environment.”

The P2 Solo device, currently priced in a starter pack deal at $10,455, can also boast of its unmatched discreet size — which amounts to about three novels stacked vertically. P2 Solo reads a single cell flow to capture full biology, including structural variants, methylation, SNPs, and INDELs. It can facilitate any number of comprehensive analysis undertakings all within a single platform utilizing highly accurate nanopore sequencing of multi-length native reads. Speaking of accuracy, the P2 Solo has reached modal raw-read simplex accuracies of 99.6% (Q24) in addition to single molecule duplex accuracies of 99.92% with tunable run conditions giving buffers for more flexibility and optimization.

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