Oxford Nanopore And Oracle Partner To Propagate Genetic Sequencing Technology Solutions

Major breakthroughs in DNA/RNA sequencing will embolden medical organizations in effectively detecting and treating illness and addressing public health threats in a productive manner. Computer technology corporation Oracle is committing to proliferating this technology by joining with Oxford Nanopore Technologies, which has earned industry praise for its own sequencing capabilities. The two companies are delving into developing potential solutions that could utilize genomics sequencing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The results are eagerly anticipated by a healthcare industry that is growing increasingly desperate for medical technology advancement and patient care improvement.

Researchers in over 100 countries have been using nanopore sequencing to drive comprehension of human biology and cancer genetics as well as animal, plant, and environmental analyses. The technology has been celebrated for its pathogen analysis capacity; outbreak monitoring for Ebola, tuberculosis, influenza, and even COVID-19 has produced useful and encouraging data.

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In this new partnership, Oxford Nanopore will bring the breadth, security, and stellar performance of its Infrastructure offering to applied and clinical markets. This constitutes a possible global-scale expansion of genetic sequencing technology availability. Furthermore, Oxford and Oracle will be adding numerous projects in whole-genome sequencing, epidemiology, and other areas to their to-do list. One guaranteed byproduct of this collaborative effort is the integration of Oxford’s DNA/RNA sequencing prowess into Oracle’s portfolio of life sciences and healthcare applications.