Osso VR Introduces Hand Control for Controller-Free Surgical Training

On February 12, 2024, Osso VR unveiled a new feature, Hand Control, offering a controller-free option for its virtual reality (VR) surgical training system. Leveraging Meta's latest hand-tracking APIs, the Hand Control feature uses cameras in the VR headset to precisely track users' hand and finger movements, providing a more intuitive and realistic training experience. Osso VR, based in San Francisco, aims to enhance the training environment for surgeons, allowing them to replicate precise movements and techniques with maximum realism and impact.

Dr. Justin Barad, orthopedic surgeon and CEO of Osso VR, described Hand Control as an extra tool in the surgeon's toolbox, fostering a super-realistic setup for training. The feature supports all standard controller interactions, offering users the choice between hands-free gestures and traditional controllers. Hand Control is particularly advantageous in situations requiring enhanced dexterity, allowing users to perform various actions without the need for traditional controllers, such as picking up objects, manipulating tools, and activating buttons. Osso VR showcased Hand Control and other features at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Annual Meeting in San Francisco, emphasizing its commitment to continuous improvement and a more immersive learning experience for physicians.

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