Onduo Strikes Deal To Integrate Fitbit Tech Into Disease Management Platform

In a bid to increase health awareness for its user base, Verily Life Sciences' digital health platform Onduo is equipping some of its patients with Fitbit technology. A complimentary Fitbit Inspire 2 device and access to the Fitbit Premium service are part of this package deal; individuals are deemed eligible by enrolling in an Onduo program via their employer. This partnership between Onduo and Fitbit highly values the availability of health metrics such as sleep, stress, and overall activity as a way for patients to better understand medical processes, diagnostics, and their own well-being.

The collaboration is a no-brainer in that both entities fall under the Google umbrella. Ondou's parent company Verily is a subsidiary of Google's holding company Alphabet, and Fitbit was acquired by Google at the beginning of 2021. Incorporating Fitbit products with Onduo's multi-condition support platform is a surefire resource availability and patient wellness booster.

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Managing Director and GM of Fitbit Health Solutions Amy McDonough said, “For more than 14 years, research has shown and we’ve seen firsthand how our tools can help people make lasting behavior changes, provide motivation to achieve goals and help improve outcomes in conditions like diabetes, prediabetes and hypertension. With Onduo, we hope to bring these benefits to even more users to improve their health and wellness.” Support for conditions other than Type 2 diabetes, in addition to a Spanish language option, were added earlier this year as part of an ambitious platform expansion.