Omron Healthcare Debuts Hypertension-Focused Remote Patient Monitoring Services

With 116 million U.S. adults considered to be in the hypertensive range, and 37 million of them having uncontrolled stage-2 hypertension, the need for high-quality blood pressure monitoring is dire. This is compounded by the fact that hypertension qualifies as one of the underlying health conditions that can leave an individual prone to a higher risk of complications from contracting COVID-19. Now more than ever, having a remotely accessible option that doesn't sacrifice on accuracy or affordability will be a gamechanger in patient monitoring, specifically for blood pressure measurement and analysis.

Medtech company Omron Healthcare is answering the call by augmenting its digital health services to include risk monitoring for heart disease and other ailments. Its own remote patient monitoring services, showcased at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, have already launched in certain parts of the world. The associated mobile app guides users to get a grasp of their information in order to encourage proactive health behaviors, and can easily be connected to Omron's blood pressure monitors. Omron has even established a partnership with Kyoto University to look into AI solutions for cardiac event prevention.

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Omron's suite of services carries different monikers depending on the area of deployment; patients and providers can find it as VitalSight in the U.S., Hypertension Plus in the U.K., and HeartVoice in Singapore. With the ambitions of fostering improved health condition management, solidifying patient-physician connections, and steering patients toward heart-healthy behaviors, Omron is not only bettering hypertension management, but also upping the ante on its remote health solutions strategy.