Omni Legend Digital PET/CT System from GE Healthcare Ups Ante on Diagnostic Power

GE Healthcare came forward at the recent European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) Annual Meeting with an exciting innovation in diagnostic scanning. Its new Omni Legend system represents the pioneering product in its grandiose all-digital PET/CT platform. Omni Legend stands out due to its nascent category of digital BGO (dBGO) detector material and a whittled-down crystal size that leverages a two-fold increase in sensitivity over previous scanners to bring clinics significantly accelerated scan times and increased small lesion detectability. Operational efficiency, diagnostic power, and the ever-important patient experience are considerations that can make or break scanning systems, and this initial foray by GE Healthcare’s into the space could be a veritable godsend for clinicians.

“Sensitivity and image quality are everything in PET/CT,” said Dr. John Kennedy, the Chief Physicist in the nuclear medicine department at the Rambam Health Care Campus. “Omni Legend delivers on both – meeting all our image quality criteria for oncology and providing impressive sensitivity to image high count tracers for cardiac and neuro imaging, which helps better inform patient diagnoses and monitoring.” Omni Legend boosted patient throughput by more than a third in a trial run, and was able to complete 35 patient scans in a 9.5-hour shift. Moreover, the system operated with a 40% smaller dose than comparable previously installed equipment.

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GE Healthcare has incorporated some of its other proprietary technology to further strengthen Omni Legend, such as Q.Clear (BSREM), its PET image reconstruction technology, and a device-free respiratory motion correction technology called MotionFree. While the former guarantees solid quantification, the latter smoothly corrects respiratory motion artifacts for all kinds of patients as a background process.