Nvidia and Amgen’s deCode Collaborate to Accelerate Drug Discovery with AI

Global technology giant Nvidia is set to make a significant impact on drug development through a trio of initiatives, marking its foray into the realm of pharmaceutical advancements. One of the key announcements involves a collaboration with Amgen's deCode, a subsidiary specializing in genomics.

Nvidia revealed on January 8, 2024, that deCode would leverage its supercomputer and BioNeMo generative AI platform to power its new genomics foundation models. BioNeMo, a suite of programs developed by the company, is dedicated to expediting drug discovery. Similar to how languages like R and Python are fundamental to data science, BioNeMo's packages aspire to play a crucial role in drug development.

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The cloud APIs on the BioNeMo platform are expected to be unveiled later this month, with an early release of the foundational model MolMIM. This foundational model, according to Nvidia's healthcare chief Kimberly Powell, aims at "controlled molecular generation of small
molecules," aligning with the overarching goal of advancing drug discovery processes.

A notable addition to the BioNeMo platform is Recursion, a prominent player in AI-based drug development. Recursion will introduce its Phenom-Beta program to the platform, making it accessible for broader utilization. Recursion CEO Chris Gibson expressed optimism about the program, comparing its potential impact to the significance of genomics.

Recursion has established itself as a leading AI-based drug developer, boasting clinical-stage assets across rare diseases and oncology. The company's expertise has led to partnerships with major players in the pharmaceutical industry, including Bayer and Roche's Genentech.

While Recursion retains proprietary data for internal discovery purposes, the basic programming developed over the years will be shared through BioNeMo, allowing other companies to benefit from its advancements. Kimberly Powell emphasized that these expanded offerings are part of a broader mission to empower healthcare companies in maximizing the potential of their accumulated data. She hinted at future partnerships with
more biotech and pharmaceutical companies, recognizing data as a core element of intellectual property crucial to all drug developers.

In a press call, Powell highlighted that “We’re not a consulting company, we can’t do infinitely large ones of these and so we partner very strategically,”, setting the stage for a transformative era in drug discovery facilitated by cutting-edge AI and Genomics.

Nvidia's collaboration with Amgen's deCode and the integration of Recursion's program into the BioNeMo platform mark significant strides in bringing together technology and healthcare for accelerated and more efficient drug development.