Novartis Expands Radiopharmaceutical Reach with $1 Billion Mariana Oncology Acquisition

Novartis, a leading pharmaceutical giant, has made a significant stride into the realm of radiopharmaceuticals with a $1 billion acquisition of Mariana Oncology. The move underscores Novartis’ strategic expansion, leveraging Mariana’s expertise in the development of radioactive metallic element actinium, complementing Novartis’ existing radioligand pipeline featuring Pluvicto and Lutathera. Mariana’s focus on a wider range of tumor types and targets expands Novartis’ capabilities, promising enhanced therapeutic solutions for patients.

Mariana Oncology, founded in 2021 with backing from prominent investors like Atlas Venture and Eli Lilly, brings to the table its lead program, MC-339, currently in development for small-cell lung cancer. The acquisition, initiated after discussions at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, signifies a pivotal moment for both companies, unlocking significant value for patients while navigating regulatory approvals. With the Federal Trade Commission’s approval secured, Novartis anticipates a seamless integration, capitalizing on Mariana’s innovation prowess to broaden its impact in the radiopharmaceutical landscape.

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