Novartis, Anumana Partner on AI Cardiovascular Disease Screening Tool Development

In a bid to get in on the preventative side of the cardiovascular disease treatment space, in which it has already risen to become a top name, Novartis has inked a new partnership deal to develop AI-based software for early detection of hidden cardiovascular conditions. The other half of the team-up is Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Anumana, which is known for its inventive electrocardiogram algorithms. It will be tasked with developing new algorithms for application in patients with previously undetected, life-threatening heart disease that allows for hastened physician intervention.

“Cardiovascular disease is a widespread and multifactorial disease and, in order to mitigate its impact, we must look beyond therapeutic innovation and reimagine how we approach cardiovascular care,” said Victor Bulto, President of Novartis Innovative Medicines U.S. “Novartis is proud to collaborate with Anumana on innovative and data-driven solutions to better predict the risk of life-threatening heart disease, further driving forward our commitment to improving patient experiences and population health outcomes in this patient population.”

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This collaboration has the potential to raise the inherent value of the ECG, which is already commonly used and relatively inexpensive, as physicians will be able to glean more valuable heart information with new AI-centric algorithms. Anumana has indicated that the AI will specifically be able to screen for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, which if left untreated can trigger heart attack and stroke.