Novarad Locks Down RIS Software Contract With Costa Rican Government

Medical technology software company Novarad Corporation is headed south—geographically, that is. It is tasked with facilitating a uniform upgrade for the software of an entire country's medical facilities. Indeed, Novarand will implement its cutting-edge Radiology Information System (RIS) software for more than 50 facilities of various sizes in Costa Rica. After an exhaustive three-year search for the right provider, the country's government is confident its health systems will benefit from integration with the variable scale architecture system known as Nova RIS.

Novarand was chosen for its ability to afford more control over information generated from studies, as well as its offered opportunities for collaborative care acceleration. Improving ease of access to medical information is a high priority for Costa Rica; communication services such as CryptoChart and e-forms are promising for the streamlining of information flows. Additionally, the company is one of only a handful of medical software vendors equipped with Spanish language solutions that don't trade on quality.

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Harold Welch, Senior Vice President of Technical Solutions Worldwide at Novarad, said, "By centralizing the core systems in two separate, highly secure data centers that are geographically diverse, we have built a high-availability solution that will support improved workflow for the hundreds of healthcare workers, resulting in overall better patient experience. In addition, Novarad's RIS-driven workflow will provide over 100 radiologists the ability to rapidly and efficiently launch studies, dictate diagnostic reports and return results to physicians seamlessly, all on an integrated system." The killer combination of scalability and affordability is inarguably enticing, and Costa Rican healthcare has greatly expanded its potential with this integrated solution.