Non-Invasive Ventilation Machine nHale Gains Emergency Use Approval By FDA For The Treatment Of COVID-19 Patients

Nanotronics Health, LLC, has partnered with Solutions in Critical Care to produce a non-invasive ventilation machine for patients suffering with COVID-19. The machine, called nHale, has earned Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to support patients outside of non-life-threatening circumstances.

Science technology company Nanotronics utilized its expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and quality control processes in the 90-day design and manufacturing process for nHale. The company partnered with specialty dealer, Solutions in Critical Care, who has eight distribution partners, gaining the benefits of local specialty distributors while avoiding national supply chains. This partnership will allow for fast, cost-efficient manufacturing and delivery to support patients in need of ventilator assistance with COVID-19.

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President of Nanotronics, Julie Orlando said, “As hospitals continue to be strained throughout the country, it is our hope that we can provide a solution to both ease that strain while also providing reliable at-home support.”

nHale is a bi-level positive air pressure (BIPAP) device that can be used to support unstable breathing in COVID-19 patients. The device can be used alongside supplemental oxygen under a doctor’s prescription if the patient weighs more than 30 kilograms. This ventilator is designed to be used by patients that do not require invasive support but could benefit from nHale’s AI and engineering technological assistance.

nHale can be used in healthcare facilities, spaces converted for treatment, and even at home. The device’s simple, one-button design can easily be used in numerous settings and by a wide range of individuals. If the patient is receiving at-home treatment, a doctor will prescribe additional oxygen in order to provide airflow. The user will also be trained by a qualified medical professional before treatment.

The partnership between Nanotronics and Solutions in Critical Care will provide healthcare providers and patients with a treatment option that keeps them out of dangerous environments and prevents worsening conditions. This option will provide patients with a cheaper alternative to other ventilators and enable faster treatment through each company’s expertise and experience in medical technology.