Neosoma Taps Hackensack Meridian Health for AI-Based Brain Cancer Research Mission

An AI-centered partnership has been struck between a brain cancer treatment heavyweight and a formidable New Jersey-based medical system network to advance brain cancer research and expand treatment options. Building on an existing collaboration, Neosoma, Inc. has once again found its match in Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) for this valuable mission, one that could turn the corner on improving treatment, patient experience, and overall health outcomes for the aggressive, often unpredictable cancers that originate in the brain.

The press release announcing the AI-focused team-up signals that Hackensack Meridian will put its full weight behind its new partner’s methodologies through strategic investment, support of clinical research, and perhaps most importantly, the sharing of critical clinical data. Specifically, Neosoma’s HGG (High-Grade Glioma) software will be implemented across the HMH network’s clinical practices, with Hackensack Meridian JFK University Medical Center acting as the protocol’s guinea pig.

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The HGG software analyzes brain tumor MRIs with the power of AI to guide clinicians in their treatment decisions, helping them to plan procedures accordingly, better evaluate post-procedural results, steer chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments, and properly follow-up with patients during arduous recovery processes.

“We are committed to investing in research and innovative therapies to live our mission to transform healthcare and give our patients the best possible outcomes,’’ said HMH Chief Executive Officer Robert C. Garrett. “Partnering with Neosoma Inc. is a great way to continue to develop potential game changing therapies to treat these challenging cancers.”