Musical Digital Therapeutic for MS Patients Swooped Up In Biogen Licensing Deal

Individuals that have difficulty walking due to multiple sclerosis will soon have help in improving their gait with a new innovation from Maine-based neuro-rehab company MedRhythms that is due to be licensed through Biogen. The musical digital therapeutic digital application works its magic via sensors attached to shoes that evaluate a person’s stride while a song plays. Then, the smartphone app’s algorithms adjust the music’s cues accordingly to provide rhythmic auditory stimulation.

MedRhythms is also honing rehab software and associated sensors for other neurological conditions, helping stroke recovery as well as catering to patients with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The ultimate goal in all cases is conditioning the brain and its motor systems to stimulate behavioral recovery. “At MedRhythms, we are committed to redefining what is possible for people living with neurologic diseases by building evidence-based products that meaningfully impact symptoms that have been underserved by traditional treatment modalities,” said the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Harris.

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To license the MS app, Mr-004, Biogen shelled out $3 million upfront. Going forward, it will be scrutinized through a series of clinical trials. Two feasibility studies have already been initiated, and their success will enable a registrational trial. Approval and commercialization as a digital therapeutic for its intended purpose may earn MedRhythms a whopping $117.5 million in milestone payments.