Microsoft And AXA Launch Digital Healthcare Platform

Microsoft and European insurance company, AXA, have recently announced that they have collaborated on a new digital healthcare platform for an ever-expanding list of services including medical booking, self-assessment, and teleconsultations.

This digital platform has already undergone a successful pilot launch in Germany and Italy over the last year. This software will now continue to expand throughout Europe, namely in the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, and Switzerland, through 2022, with hopes of eventually reaching a global market.

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AXA will be pairing its expansive network of customers with Microsoft’s software expertise in an effort to design a tailored platform that will provide patients with the resources for a medical concierge, a teleconsultation interface, a variety of home care options, a digital document vault, and a comprehensive directory of medical professionals to pick from.

This technology utilizes Microsoft’s existing cloud healthcare software which includes API technology to ensure patient confidentiality and data security. Microsoft launched this platform last year and has sights in expanding it even further, with the help of its second largest acquisition to date, Nuance, which manufactures healthcare-cloud specific software.

Nuance’s AI is already responsible for a portion of Microsoft’s technology, like the voice recognition AI designed to take note of important conversations between physicians and patients. This type of innovation along with Microsoft’s dedication to the organization of medical records and patient data will enhance AXA’s already comprehensive strategies for simplifying customer service.

The long-term goals for this service would eventually allow third parties to utilize the service to create a more evenly integrated option for healthcare.

“Microsoft has brought the most advanced capabilities in its Cloud for Healthcare technology, machine learning, and AI to this project. We helped AXA build a secure platform to enable partnerships with clinical partners and third-party vendors. Our extensive portfolio of Azure services will connect users with a large range of digital services and players,” said Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President of Microsoft and President of Microsoft Global Sales.

Many companies within (and outside of) the healthcare sphere have jumped on the telehealth bandwagon. With access to some of the most groundbreaking technology and the seemingly unlimited capital to fund future innovation, partnering with a tech giant like Microsoft will surely create a leader in digital healthcare.