Metyos Develops Biowearable to Revolutionize Chronic Kidney Disease Monitoring

Paris-based medtech startup Metyos, led by Alexandre Boulanger and co-founder Olga Chashchina, is pioneering a novel approach to chronic kidney disease (CKD) management with its innovative biowearable technology. Departing from Boulanger's prior work in self-balancing exoskeletons, Metyos is now focusing on a lightweight, arm-worn patch designed for real-time monitoring of CKD biomarkers, enabling remote patient management. Chashchina's personal experience with a chronic health condition and Boulanger's interest in nutrition and biochemistry tracking converged to inspire the creation of this user-centric solution, developed in close collaboration with medical professionals to address clinical needs.

The biowearable, set to undergo clinical trials after a successful pre-seed funding round, promises to empower CKD patients by providing actionable insights and facilitating proactive management of their condition. Metyos aims to leverage remote monitoring to anticipate adverse events, enhance clinical decision-making, and ultimately improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. With a target market spanning Europe and the United States, Metyos distinguishes itself from competitors by its focus on CKD, positioning itself as a key player in the rapidly expanding biowearable landscape.

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