Men’s Telehealth Platform Apollo Health Products Confronts ED, Hair Loss Stigmas

Follicularly-challenged men, as well as those with sexual health issues, now have a new option for purchasing remedial products remotely and at their convenience. Telehealth platform Apollo Health Products aims to improve male quality of life with on-demand, personalized treatment via messaging portals with healthcare professionals. Patients also have access to a connected pharmacy that is licensed in 44 states.

In creating Apollo, former Snapchat executive Jason G. Halbert spotted a gap in the ease-of-access for medications tied to men’s health. “There’s too much discomfort in the process of seeking and receiving care in the current doctor’s office environment,” said Halbert. “Our telehealth platform is built to alleviate patient discomfort while reducing the strain on the healthcare system.”

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Moreover, the introduction of Apollo coincides with a touch-and-go point in the pandemic in which staffing crises abound in U.S. health systems. The understandable lack of priority for non-life-threatening personal health issues such as hair loss or sexual dysfunction could, however, lead to mental health decline in these patients. These problems are also often time-sensitive, and in the case of hair loss, research has proven that many men wait so long to seek treatment that natural hair recovery potential is stymied.

With the goal to "alleviate patient discomfort while reducing the strain on the healthcare system,” Apollo is staffed by responsive clinicians who will answer treatment inquiries in less than 24 hours. Prescriptions are then delivered with free two-day shipping.