Medtronic Launches Smart Insulin Pen For Multiple Daily Injections

Medical device technology leader Medtronic launches an insulin pen with the integration of their glucose monitoring system (CGM) after acquiring Companion Medical in September 2020. InPen offers a modern solution for those requiring multiple daily injections (MDI). Medtronic, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland joins with global stakeholders to produce healthcare products. The company currently serves over 150 countries.

Medtronic is continuing to work toward its goal of expanding data-driven diabetes management with the integration of its Guardian Connect system into the InPen. This system provides users with live glucose readings and insulin dosage information in one view through an app. Medtronic states that InPen is compatible with other CGM systems but offers information at a three-hour delay.

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InPen is currently the only FDA approved smart insulin pen for those in need of MDIs and received the 510(k) in 2016. Medtronic has also had success in other diabetes management products such as the MiniMed 670G and MiniMed 770G which allow insulin delivery through a hybrid closed-loop system for both adults and children who are at least two years old.

By using InPen, users can utilize the dose calculator to make data-driven dosage decisions. Medtronic aims to evolve diabetes care by increasing access and offering modern technology for accurate information. Sean Salmon, EVP and President of the diabetes business at Medtronic said, “We are pleased to build on the success of InPen with added real-time glucose data which provides a complete picture for users as they look to give themselves the right dose of insulin at the right time.”

Other companies such as Bigfoot Biomedical who has partnered with Abbott, and Novo Nordisk are also working in the smart insulin pen industry.

The merge of the Medtronic Guardian Connect system and the InPen in two months following the acquisition of Companion Medical proves Medtronic’s determination to provide modern diabetes management products and expand their offerings to transform the healthcare technology industry.