MedOrion Debuts First-Of-Its-Kind AI-Based Health Behavior Management Platform

MedOrion, a company focused on guiding health plans’ members toward better medical and wellness decisions, has introduced its SaaS AI-based Health Behavior Management (HBM) platform. Effectively carving out a new category in the behavioral healthcare segment, the innovation helps health plans do away with outsourced member-engagement services in the interest of driving more potent long-term behavioral change with an end-to-end self-service solution. Affording health plans priorities governance, full visibility, and process ownership enables the kind of timely strategic pivots necessary to guaranteeing positive transformation of members’ health as well as relationships.

The new platform simplifies the complicated data blend of health statistics, patient behaviors, and healthcare environmental changes into pertinent and convenient communications to enable better long-term strategic planning, stronger analytics, and cost savings as well as improve health outcomes. Latter-day technological advancement and a deluge of accessibility opportunities for information and services have added extra layers of complexity to personal decision making in medical care. With a myopic focus on communication and scale-limited engagement solutions, health plans have amassed inflated budgets in this space without equally staggering results. HBM’s most powerful tool in reconfiguring these behavior management processes is the superlative personalization leveraged through its AI.

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The platform is already racking up significant victories, including winning Pfizer’s Vaccines Global Innovation Challenge, driving a 20% uplift in yearly revenue for providers, and producing member engagement-related marginal costs that are 30% lower than existing solutions.