Meditech Acquisition Makes their Presence Known in UK/Ireland Markets

Massachusetts-based Meditech is growing their global presence and their acquisition of Centennial Computer Corporation will help them do just that in both the United Kingdom and Ireland markets

A long-time international business affiliate, the Centennial Computer Corporation (including Centennial MIT) played an important role in the development of their UK business. Their purchase of Centennial is part of their plan for the formation of Medical Information Technology UK LTD.

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While the company is no stranger to healthcare industry leaders in this part of the world, this move will further solidify their position within the United Kingdom and Ireland. “With Meditech UK, Meditech Holdings will have even stronger, more unified control over our strategy and vision in the UK and Ireland markets,” said Charlotte Jackson, CEO of the organization.

Earlier this year, they announced their intentions to launch Meditech UK and to deliver Expanse - their next-generation, web-based Electronic Patient Record (EPR) platform – to customers in this international market. The software allows for mobile, tablet-based navigation with customizable web user interface.

Meditech Holdings maintains relationships with over twenty customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, ranging from private health care facilities such as New Victoria Hospital to National Health Service Trusts across both countries. Galway Clinic in Ireland is Meditech’s first European customer to implement Expanse in their center.

They were founded in 1969 and provide health informatics software products and services, including: health information management, revenue cycle, scheduling and referral management, supply chain management and logistics and more. They provide software solutions to hospitals, health care facilities and other agencies in North America, Asia Pacific, Africa, Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland.