MediQuant Acquisition Gives Inhouse Advantage

Brecksville-based MediQuant, a leader in enterprise active archiving solutions, recently announced their acquisition of long-time business partner DataEmerge. Jim Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer at MediQuant, shared his positive opinion about combining the two companies in a recent statement: “This merge is an opportunity for both MediQuant and DataEmerge to grow and expand our offerings and quality. Culturally, it’s a perfect fit of two families that have been close for years. Cliff and team have been great collaborators in helping us become the leading enterprise active archive provider.”

DataEmerge is a provider of data extraction solutions and worked in tandem with MediQuant to deliver high-quality service and speed to their customers. Under the guidance of founder and CEO Cliff Skinner, the company had become a healthcare frontrunner in file migration and data mapping. Since their 2014 inception, they have helped hundreds of users access their legacy-data in a quick and cost-effective way.

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“DataEmerge is excited to become a part of the MediQuant portfolio. We will continue to lead in cost- and time- effective data extractions while gaining the resources and technology to make sure we offer our clients the most complete solutions for their needs,” said Skinner. Mediquant will use this merger to grow their commitment to efficient data collection from multiple sources and streamline transition to single systems that improve access to all information.

Under their agreement, the merge will provide MediQuant with a complementary suite of services that makes them one of the only companies offering comprehensive in-house data extraction options. In addition, DataEmerge will continue to operate under their name and offer their services to others in the healthcare industry. CEO Cliff Skinner will stay-on with the company to provide support to current customers on the full DataEmerge product line.

MediQuant was founded in 1999 and headquartered in Ohio. DataArk, the crown jewel of the company’s product line, provides a solution to hospitals that are retiring their legacy clinical and patient accounting platforms. The data management platform ensures seamless, secure access to legacy data from a cloud-based stage. Using a process called active archiving, customers can utilize the necessary functionality of their original systems without the accompanying expense and risks. Information remains active so that data can be rapidly accessed and older records can be quickly updated. MediQuant serves almost 200 individual health systems which represent over 1,000 hospitals and physician practice clients.