Mayo Clinic Launches Two Companies To Improve AI Diagnostic And Preventative Care

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to improve the healthcare industry. Capitalizing on AI’s many applications, Mayo Clinic is currently launching two new ventures, Anumana and Lucem Health, in order to utilize AI capabilities for preventative and diagnostic care. The two platforms will focus on data collection and algorithm development to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

AI algorithms will be used by physicians in decision-making processes and to increase the effectiveness of preventative care. This new platform will aid in the commercialization of diagnostic tools. It will also give patients more control over their health journey.

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Anumana’s focus is on developing AI algorithms for early detection. It will search for less obvious symptoms such as weak or thickened heart pumps and silent arrythmias. Through these algorithms, researchers look to prevent serious conditions like stroke and heart failure. The Anumana platform will start with developing algorithms from electrocardiography signals. This will allow for easy adoption into existing clinical workflows. The ECG signals will then locate hidden biomedical knowledge, allowing for early detection and prevention.

Anumana is a product of Mayo Clinic’s partnership with nference. It recently gained $25 million in a series A funding round with participation from nference, Mayo Clinic, Matrix Capital Management, Matrix Partners, and NTTVC.

The other new platform, Lucem Health, will focus on collecting and connecting data from remote devices to Mayo Clinic’s algorithms. It is also responsible for algorithm integration. CEO of Lucem Health, Sean Cassidy said, “The idea here is to connect devices with powerful algorithms and deliver the insights to the right place, right time, and right context.”

In order to secure patient data, Mayo Clinic partnered with Google in 2019 to better its AI and digital health tools. Mayo Clinic looks to harness the power of AI to develop healthcare tools and support physicians, ultimately improving the patient experience. Anumana and Lucem Health will be critical in using this technology find new solutions for diagnostic and preventative care, allowing providers to identify and treat conditions sooner.