Largest Canadian Healthcare Network Teams Up To Provide Virtual Care Solution

Lumino Health, the largest network of healthcare providers in Canada, can now access OnCall Health’s virtual care software. Hundreds of healthcare organizations and thousands of mental health and primary care providers throughout North America already rely on OnCall Health’s software. Now providers on Lumino Health’s network can help their patients create appointments online, take care of billing, and even connect virtually when office visits aren’t practical.

Despite the Canadian Medical Association’s finding that 71% of patients would like the option to make their appointments virtually, only about 9% of physicians offer that service. With much of the country comprised of rural communities, many of which face dangerous driving conditions throughout the long winter months, virtual appointments and other features could revolutionize patient care. The platform also enables provider productivity as appointment reminders, consent forms, scheduling, and other administrative tasks can be completed automatically and from the comfort of the patients’ home or device.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, automated and virtual services have become even more necessary. Under shelter-at-home orders, many patients prefer to limit their exposure to other people, and would especially like to avoid hospitals and clinics. However, although limited interaction with the outside world can help people avoid the virus, it can eventually take a toll on mental health. This is where virtual healthcare software built around secure video conferencing and instant messaging can really come in handy.

A recent Sun Life survey showed that 56% of Canadians reported that COVID-19 has had a negative impact on their mental health. “We're making it easier for all Canadians to manage their mental health through our Lumino Health platform," said Jacques Goulet, President of Sun Life Canada and Lumino Health.

The OnCall platform can be customizable for healthcare organizations to add their own branding. Clinics can also set the dashboard features to measure usage, attendance, and even patient satisfaction surveys to see just how well the system works for their practice. Secure file sharing and screen sharing allow providers to send prescriptions and patient records to other providers, so patients can receive a high quality of continuity of care across the board.