Komodo Health Integrates BHI’s Patient Data Into Its Healthcare Map

As coronavirus cases continue to rise, researchers are continuing their search for possible solutions, relying on accurate patient data to emphasize preventative care, vaccines, and public health guidelines.

Recently Komodo Health, the provider of Komodo's Healthcare Map™, a database that displays patient encounters in the U.S. healthcare system, has announced a multiyear agreement with Blue Health Intelligence (BHI). BHI offers longitudinal, de-identified, real-world patient data in the partnership, expanding the database’s view to over 325 million individual patient experiences.

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This partnership is working to increase preventative care and early intervention, discover clinical trial candidates, and understand gaps in care. Komodo’s Healthcare Map™ will provide life sciences companies with the accurate real-world data needed to understand disease spread and to provide treatment solutions.

CEO of Blue Health Intelligence, Swati Abbott said, “With our data integrated into Komodo’s Healthcare Map™ and infused across Komodo software products, we are confident that this partnership will help the healthcare ecosystem gain deeper insights into the health care journey of millions of individuals.”

Through this agreement, life science companies will be able to access BHI’s data and gain more comprehensive insights. These companies often rely on the map to profile discrete patient populations and providers, to analyze diagnostics and treatment patterns, and to observe patient movement between providers.

BHI’s data is HIPAA-compliant, offering medical and pharmacy commercial claims data. Komodo also recently acquired life sciences cloud pioneer Mavens, in its pursuit to increase insight across workflow applications, disclosing a $44 million venture capital round. BHI also expanded its data by partnering with the Health Care Cost Institute to gain data from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and from universities and health analytics firms.

The partnership between Komodo and BHI looks to expand the understanding of healthcare trends and patient experiences, and Komodo’s Healthcare Map™ will become the world’s largest and most dependable source of real-world data with the integration of BHI’s vast patient data.