Know Labs Gears Up for Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Clinical Trials

Seattle, Washington-based noninvasive medical diagnostics innovator Know Labs is in the process of recruiting patients for clinical trials to test its new blood glucose monitoring technology. The company has been developing a palm-reading device known as the KnowU that pairs with a wristband called UBand and offers application-based blood glucose level monitoring.

Know Labs is leveraging radio wave technology for this effort, while competitors have in many cases turned to advanced spectrometry mixed with photonics. Radio wave tech is perhaps the best vector for getting accurate readings without the need for transmitters or finger pricks, as it can detect changes in the body through analysis of the amplitude of radio waves between minimum-maximum circulatory system concentration levels. Know Labs says that the Bio-RFID technology platform can identify bloodstream molecules such as oxygen, glucose, and alcohol at highly accurate levels. Machine learning as well as advanced data science are the key ingredients that set the platform apart.

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The company’s new device will feature custom notifications that give users alerts and updates about too high or low blood glucose levels. It will have a 7-day battery life and swim-proof casing, and manufacturing will be facilitated through a partnership with Singapore-based Race Technology.