K Health Partners with Mayo Clinic for AI-Driven Cardiac Care Initiative

K Health, the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven Primary Care company, has unveiled its strategic collaboration with Mayo Clinic to propel its mission in preventing and managing heart-related conditions. Through a know-how agreement, K Health will work closely with Mayo Clinic cardiologists, Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez and Dr. Amir Lerman, to develop a cutting-edge cardiac clinical AI solution with the aim of preventing premature deaths associated with heart disease and stroke.

According to the World Health Organization, a staggering 80% of cardiovascular deaths can be prevented with proper risk assessment and oversight. In response, K Health's cardiac program is set to utilize proprietary algorithms to power advanced AI-ECG (AI-enhanced electrocardiography) technology, conduct risk assessments, and enable remote patient monitoring. The overarching goal is to facilitate personalized treatment for conditions such as hypertension and high cholesterol or prevent them altogether. Drs. Lopez-Jimenez and Lerman will oversee the development and lend their real-world expertise to evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of the AI solutions.

K Health has been actively leveraging de-identified patient data from Mayo Clinic Platform since 2020 to refine its AI models and develop new algorithms. The AI models employed in this program consider specific factors such as gender, age, medical history, and ethnicity, seeking to aid physicians in predicting risk and determining optimal treatment strategies.

Furthermore, Ran Shaul, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of K Health, highlighted the company's commitment to reducing avoidable cardiovascular deaths by integrating Mayo Clinic's standard of care. Shaul emphasized the significance of providing instant, personalized information to physicians, with the collaboration with Dr. Lopez-Jimenez and his team being pivotal in realizing their vision of transforming the landscape of heart disease. The collaboration is scheduled to kick off in early 2024, marking a significant step forward in AI-driven healthcare solutions tailored to cardiovascular health.

K Health, headquartered in New York, is renowned for its 24/7 virtual primary care solution, accessible to millions of individuals in the U.S. through leading health systems, insurers, and a direct-to-consumer mobile app. The company's platform combines medical chat and AI predictive models based on extensive datasets, empowering physicians to optimize diagnosis and treatment while prioritizing patient care.

Backed by prominent investors such as Valor Equity Partners, Mangrove Capital Partners, GGV Capital, and others, K Health remains at the forefront of AI-driven healthcare innovation, dedicated to providing widespread access to high-quality healthcare solutions.