InterOp. Community Platform Set To Inspire Interoperability And Ingenuity In Healthcare

A collected effort between multiple interoperability groups has recently resulted in a sandbox healthcare information platform that aims to be an immersive open source for healthcare professionals. The Interoperability Institute, IHE USA, Red Hat, and Interopion, are collaborating to operate InterOp.Community, an open platform for health data exchange.

This platform, likely launching in the second quarter of 2021, will provide interfaces for electronic hospital and health records, health information exchanges, insurer information, and lab results. This information will be open-access and available for both industrial and commercial use, creating a wide array of possible applications for this information resource.

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"IOI is committed to an open 'meritocracy' consistent with thriving open source communities, as well as commercially friendly open source licensing," said Mary Kratz, Executive Vice President of the Interoperability Institute.

The hopes for this new software is to inspire ingenuity in the health field, both in direct and indirect applications. In direct applications, healthcare professionals can get insightful data to help with patient cases and to understand the bigger picture. Additionally, individuals such as app developers would be able to use the platform to simulate real-world healthcare scenarios and improve their technology to cater to patient needs accordingly.

This operation is already in application via Interoperability Land, a collaborative platform hosted through the AWS Marketplace and run by the same developers. This resource is designed for healthcare developers exclusively and expanding on the theoretical applications and accessibility of this program is the key step-up that makes Interop.Community unique.

This platform could also provide the insight on the COVID-19 pandemic needed to both recover and progress. InterOp.Community would be welcomed as a source to track the spread of virus progression, understanding the most vulnerable parties, and the potential resolution based on spread.

The proud partnering of these companies will breed innovation as the project expands and offer valuable resources to those most crucial to the growth of versatility and innovation in the healthcare field. "We, collectively, are committed to transforming healthcare through the advancement of interoperability," said Joyce Sensmeier, President of IHE USA.