Ingenion Medical Receives CE Mark for Innovative Cymactive Catheter

Ingenion Medical has achieved a significant milestone with the receipt of a CE mark for its groundbreaking cymactive catheter, positioned as an advanced alternative to traditional Foley and intermittent-type catheters. Endorsed for secure placement for up to 30 days, the cymactive catheter incorporates a unique Malecot anchor in the bladder, enhancing patient comfort and functionality by allowing complete voiding during urination.

With the Malecot anchor ensuring stability within the bladder, the cymactive catheter introduces a novel mechanism utilizing a magnet-controlled metal ball to simulate the sensation of normal urination, offering patients enhanced control and comfort. Professor Kurt Naber, a leading expert in urinary tract infections, praises the device's potential to combat catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CaUTIs) and mitigate the overuse of antibiotics, addressing a critical concern in modern healthcare. Ingenion Medical's chairman, Dr. Sergio Rothstein, outlines ambitious plans for further innovation, indicating that cymactive is the inaugural offering in a pipeline of disruptive urology solutions from the company, signaling a new era in urinary care.

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