Imaging AI Adoption Made Easier With New Services From IBM Watson Health

In an effort to assist imaging organizations with the interoperability of their various AI-driven applications, IBM Watson Health has launched a new AI orchestration tool known as the IBM Imaging AI Orchestrator. This offering was formally introduced at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2021 Annual Meeting in Chicago. Adding to this, IBM has also announced IBM Imaging Workflow Orchestrator with Watson, a solution meant to modernize reading experiences for radiologists while mitigating demands on IT and imaging system administrators.

IBM Imaging AI Orchestrator promises to give radiologists more control over access to AI insights within the context of reading workflow. As a cloud-based AI service aimed toward imaging organizations, it gives scalable access to regulation-compliant AI apps from leading AI solution providers. The applications and providers alike have been vetted for their accordance with strict data security and privacy standards. IT departments stand to benefit greatly from the outsourcing of multiple application management from varying suppliers to the more reliable IBM.

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As of its launch, AI Orchestrator has already secured and made available an impressive collection of interoperable AI applications from several partners. Not only will the AI Orchestrator be available through Watson Health Imaging solutions, but medical evidence and image exchange network Life Image will be offering it to their health system and hospital clients.

Enhancing the clinician's experience in addition to simplifying workflows, IBM Imaging Workflow Orchestrator brings patient data, studies, and AI results into a unified, insightful interface. This cloud-native SaaS is bound to leverage a head start for physicians with heavy reading loads, while also giving IT leadership all the tools they need to make the most of their hybrid environments.