Humanetics Biomed Broadens Outsourced Manufacturing Reach

Humanetics Biomed, a renowned industrial technology group, is making significant strides in expanding its outsourced manufacturing capabilities into new markets. With a rich history of 50 years in delivering high-quality strain gauge sensors, material processing, laser micromachining, optical fiber processing, and fiber optics, Humanetics Biomed has firmly established itself as a leader in the industry.

As part of its plan to keep growing, Humanetics Biomed has teamed up with a section of Optek Systems called OpTek to improve its services for precision laser micromachining and optical fiber processing. The goal of this partnership is to offer customers advanced solutions and uses for specialty optical fibers, probes, sensors, laser power delivery, custom force and load sensors, and infusion pump sensors.

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Furthermore, Humanetics Biomed has hired David Schnur Associates (DSA), a well-known provider of outsourced technical sales and marketing services in the medical business, to help it expand its global reach. Under a multi-year strategic agreement, DSA will represent Humanetics Biomed's precision laser micromachining and optical fiber processing services across three continents, thereby expanding the company's reach into new markets.

The decision to increase Humanetics Biomed's outsourced manufacturing capabilities is a result of the rising demand for precise and tight-tolerance features in complex medical device components.

As medical devices continue to scale in size, there is a greater need for advanced manufacturing technologies to meet evolving requirements. Laser processing has emerged as a key technology that can effectively address these needs, offering precise and intricate features within a limited space.

DSA brings 45 years of experience in consulting on the design and development of medical components and devices. Their collaboration with Humanetics Biomed strengthens the sales and marketing efforts of the company, facilitating access to new markets and customers worldwide.

Humanetics Biomed's expansion of its outsourced manufacturing capabilities to new markets aligns with its position as an industrial technology company. The company's commitment to providing safety systems, crash test dummies, simulation software, CAE models, precision sensors, fiber optics, and cutting-edge laser material engineering solutions remains unwavering.

The strategic agreement between Humanetics Biomed and David Schnur Associates and the relationship with Optek Systems are important steps toward expanding the company's outsourced manufacturing capabilities.

With a focus on precision laser micromachining and optical fiber processing, Humanetics Biomed is well-equipped to meet the evolving demands of the medical device industry and serve customers in new markets across the globe.