Humana And Salesforce Partner Up To Deliver More Personalized Care

Customer relationship management giant Salesforce announced it will partner with Humana, a 13 million-strong health insurance provider. The multi-year agreement aims to help Humana’s customers receive personalized care with stronger connections between patients and healthcare providers.

Salesforce Health Cloud has developed a new care management platform, Enterprise Clinical Operating Model (ECOM), that Humana will use to make communication between patients, providers, and claims experts run more smoothly. Humana will utilize Salesforce’s software to integrate patients’ electronic health records (EHRs) so healthcare teams and patients can visualize patient preferences, histories, and treatment plans all from one intuitive platform.

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"We are thrilled to partner with Humana to power its digital transformation and connect the healthcare ecosystem across members, providers and caregivers," said Salesforce’s Chief Medical Officer and SVP of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Dr. Ashwini Zenooz. "With Salesforce, Humana will transform the member care experience and support the health and wellness for millions of its members."

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed virtual doctor visits into the forefront of healthcare trends. What were previously budding concepts, virtual and digital healthcare had to scramble to catch up with the demands that shelter-at-home orders placed on the industry. As Humana shifts its focus toward helping patients receive home care, it needs to provide its customers with a platform through which records and prescriptions can be authorized, viewed, and sent with a click of a mouse.

Both companies made small leaps into the other’s industries over the past few years. Humana employed Microsoft to help cultivate its connections to its care providers. The strategic partnership developed a system in which care teams could access real-time health information via Microsoft's Azure cloud, Azure AI, and Microsoft 365. Likewise, Salesforce previously partnered with Mount Sinai Health System to help seamlessly connect the hospital group’s Medicaid customers to their Performing Provider System.

With 2020 driving almost every sector quickly towards its inevitable digitalization, the Humana and Salesforce partnership will help payers, patients, and providers integrate more safely and effectively with less exposure to unnecessary risks.