Huawei Unveils Medical Technology Digitalization Solution at MWC Barcelona 2024

Huawei unveiled its groundbreaking Medical Technology Digitalization Solution at MWC Barcelona 2024, signaling a pivotal move in leading the digital evolution of the healthcare sector. David Shi, Vice President of Huawei's ICT Marketing & Solution Sales, underscored the company's role as an ICT provider, establishing a secure and sustainable digital foundation for the healthcare industry. The newly introduced solution focuses on pathology and medical imaging, boasting three key advantages: SmartCache intelligent pre-reading for efficient image analysis, a Huawei-developed compression algorithm saving 30% storage, and video-network synergy enabling consistent remote diagnosis.

This cutting-edge solution has found global applications, notably enhancing Ruijin Hospital's pathology department with an 80-fold improvement in retrieval speed and enabling the Health Bureau of Longgang District, Shenzhen, to establish a regional medical imaging platform connecting 12 hospitals. Beyond digitalization, Huawei leverages cloud-network-edge-device synergy to elevate solutions like the Smart Ward, Smart Hospital Campus, and One Hospital, Multiple Branches. With a track record of serving over 5000 hospitals in 110 countries and regions, Huawei's influence continues to shape the intelligent transformation of the global healthcare landscape, ensuring unified, high-quality services through innovative technological solutions.

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