HistoSonics Enables Histotripsy for Liver Cancer Treatment With GE Team-Up

HistoSonics is upping the ante on liver cancer treatment with the introduction of its HistoSonics Edison System, which will be linked with GE Healthcare’s LOGIQ E10 Series ultrasound platform as a visual guide. The company’s system assists with the application of histotripsy, an ultrasound-driven solution for noninvasively ablating targeted liver tissue. Histotripsy is a pioneering effort in nonthermal and nonionizing ablation technology, guided by real-time imaging.

GE’s LOGIQ E10 Series will be distributed by HistoSonics, offering clinicians unmatched visualization for procedure planning as well as monitoring and instant post-treatment verification. The solutions will be enabled for HistoSonics’ U.S. and European trials under the banner #HOPE4LIVER; the trials are set to test the safety and efficiency of histotripsy for treating primary and metastatic liver tumors. HistoSonics’ Vice President of R&D, Joshua Stopek, said, "We've developed a very collaborative relationship with GE Healthcare and look forward to expanding our efforts to realize the full potential of histotripsy across clinical applications, specialties, and care settings.”

Based on early clinical and preclinical data, a major benefit of histotripsy is providing the ability to preserve critical structures like the liver capsule and larger vessels through real-time tissue destruction monitoring by physicians. Operating at a subcellular level, this technique mechanically eliminates and liquifies targeted tissues while fostering treatment zones that guarantee equal treatment for all areas of the tumor.