Hippocratic AI and NVIDIA Collaborate to Advance Empathetic AI Healthcare Agents

Hippocratic AI and NVIDIA have announced a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at developing empathetic AI healthcare agents, leveraging NVIDIA's AI platform to enable super-low-latency conversational interactions. These agents, powered by Hippocratic's safety-focused Large Language Model (LLM), are specifically designed for healthcare applications, catering to health systems, payors, digital health companies, and pharmaceutical firms. The collaboration aims to enhance patient interactions by integrating empathetic responses into real-time use cases, with user tests indicating that super low latency is essential for patients to naturally build emotional connections.

This partnership aims to revolutionize healthcare accessibility and outcomes worldwide by bringing deep healthcare expertise to every individual. They aim to optimize the speed and fluidity of patient interactions, ensuring seamless, personalized, and conversational engagements. NVIDIA's Avatar Cloud Engine suite of technologies and Riva models for automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech translation, coupled with Hippocratic AI's unique safety approach and large-scale deployment capabilities sets a new standard for empathetic AI healthcare agents. With a total funding of $120M, Hippocratic AI stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation, driven by a team comprising physicians, healthcare professionals, and AI researchers from esteemed institutions such as El Camino Health, Johns Hopkins, and Google.

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