HIMSS CEO Harold Wolf A Pioneer In Bringing Technology To The Healthcare Industry

Mobile healthcare is exploding, as technology companies and health institutions find new ways to treat patients and protect the data they are amassing. For Harold (Hal) Wolf III, he saw the writing on the wall years earlier.

The president and Chief Executive Officer of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Wolf has seen a lot of advances over his 35-year career. He is known internationally for his knowledge in healthcare and informatics, focusing on mhealth, information technology, and innovation. Wolf has been charged with helping health institutions around the globe get up to speed when it comes to using data and technology.

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As the head of HIMSS, he has a lot to oversee. After all, HIMSS is made up of HIMSS North America, HIMSS International, cause-based, global membership societies; HIMSS Analytics, the market research, and data services group; HIMSS Media, the diversified media and publishing division; PCHAlliance, the Personal Connected Health Alliance; and Health 2.0 the Digital Health Conference.

Prior to becoming the head of HIMSS, Wolf was a director at The Chartis Group, where he focused on information and digital health strategies. He played the chief role in developing content and researcher for video on demand and is credited with being a pioneer in engaging with consumers via technology. Because of his approach and insights, he played a big role in the birth of digital healthcare, which is now exploding. Wolf was also the Chief Operating Officer at Kaiser Permanente’s Permanente Federation which represents more than 16,000 physicians.

“Hal Wolf brings to his new role as president and CEO of HIMSS the powerful combination of broad, deep and relevant knowledge, expertise, experience, energy, and accomplishments, along with a deep love of and longstanding commitment to HIMSS. His track record of innovation and success spans premier healthcare delivery organizations, digital strategy groups, media companies, global endeavors and more,” said Dr. Michael Zaroukian, HIMSS board chair, back in July of 2017 when Wolf was named the new president and CEO.

Prior to coming on board, he has served for two years as an advisor to HIMSS and two years as a member of the board of directors. “He sees and creates opportunities, brings people together, and facilitates their success in creating new and better products and services,” added Dr. Sebastian Krolop, former HIMSS Board Chair, when his appointment was announced.