Hilton Becomes Amazon Care’s First Hospitality Customer

Amazon has landed a heavyweight in the hospitality industry as a new customer for its burgeoning healthcare business. Hilton's U.S. operations now stand to benefit from the extensive virtual medical services available through Amazon Care. Hilton is set to become the service's first client-business in the hospitality sector and only its second disclosed client overall following fitness equipment-maker Precor. These initial customer choices have signaled that Amazon has a particularly disruptive agenda for its foray into the healthcare industry.

Amazon Care was initially piloted for the company's own employees in the Seattle area circa 2019. This summer saw the first instances of Amazon marketing the service nationwide to other organizations.

Hilton's U.S. staff will stand to gain a host of benefits through the deal. Those enrolled in corporate health plans can count on a Care inclusion as part of the upcoming year's overall plan. Accordingly, they'll have access to virtual meetings with clinicals from Care Medical, a company tasked with supporting all Amazon Care users. Hilton employees can also engage in free-of-charge text chats through the service, and request video or home visits for a nominal fee subsidized by Hilton itself. Additionally, Amazon will readily furnish house calls in greater Seattle and the Washington-Baltimore metro area. Plans are in place to extend the availability of that offering to Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Boston.