Google’s Dr. Gregory Moore is now Microsoft’s Main Squeeze

Dr. Gregory Moore has his head in the clouds. More specifically, he has his head in Microsoft’s cloud now that they’ve successfully seduced him away from Google’s cumulus-equivalent. As their newly minted corporate vice president of health technology and alliances, Moore will be responsible for guiding research and development collaborations with strategic partners. He will also oversee the introduction of leading-edge technologies and experiences to the healthcare field. But who is the man in Microsoft’s cloud?

In his pictures, Moore presents as an amiable accountant-type who probably donates to charity, pays his taxes and loves his wife and children. He likely shovels snow out of his neighbor’s driveway and watches baseball with a small group of closely-knit friends cultivated from high school, work and church social circles.

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Maybe Moore does do all these things but that’s not the story being told today. Educated as an engineer, Moore is also a practicing neuroradiologist and informaticist. When he isn’t engaged in one of his myriad professional endeavors, he somehow finds time to advocate for special needs children and lead medical missions down to Honduras to provide care to those living in rural villages.

“I’m a non-traditional M.D.-Ph.D. I did my Ph.D. in radiological sciences; I’m a magnetic resonance physicist and engineer,” Moore explained in a 2014 interview. “I developed some new MRI technologies and implemented the at Mass General. That was a blast. I then did ten years of imaging research. And then I was recruited to the National Institutes of Health as a section chief, and the section chief talked me into doing an M.D. I got my medical degree, and then did a radiology residency and a neuroradiology fellowship. I am still a practicing physician, one day a week. It makes what I do very real.”

Despite the ease with which Moore lists off his litany of lifetime accomplishments, he is serious about his work. It was Moore’s ability to combine technological innovation with the human element that caught Peter Lee’s attention. As vice president of Microsoft Healthcare, it was Lee’s job to find a healthcare unicorn to help the tech giant cultivate their cloud and AI offerings to medical providers.

“Clearly, managing such partner-focused collaborative efforts is one of the most important things we need to get right, and that starts with choosing the right leader,” Peter Lee, vice president of Microsoft Healthcare, wrote in a blog post.

“Greg will be taking on the key responsibility to shepherd the dedicated research and development collaborations with our strategic partners, to deliver next-generation technologies and experiences for healthcare. He will bring into these partnerships the new AI and machine learning solutions that are being developed across Microsoft, to enable personalized care and empower care teams.”

If anyone is up to that task, it will be Dr. Gregory Moore.