GoodRx Health Provides Users Professional-Grade Medical Research And Information

GoodRx's new health information platform GoodRx Health is live, and its inventive features have already been helping users for two weeks. The platform connects a vast network of vetted medical research professionals with GoodRx's expert editorial team, enabling users to get the most out of the digital health resource and reach better medical outcomes.

The platform's content covers four primary areas. Health Knowledge, which is capable of technical deep diving, handles common health concerns and cross references results with opinions from certified healthcare professionals. Financial Guidance is meant to give users the relief of financial transparency, as well as the ability to seek guidance in insurance-related decision making. Trustworthy Research is an aggregated report that provides news and updates on fill trends, drug prices, and general healthcare matters directly from GoodRx's research team. Finally, Drug FAQs maintains a database of detailed descriptions and recommendations from pharmacists covering thousands of prescription medications.

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As for features, GoodRxHealth is equipped with several user-friendly innovations. GoodRx Answers functions as the platform's search engine, bringing together verified technical research and provider guidance. Health Wizards is in place to mitigate the stress of difficult decision making; the feature can assist with coverage selection and many other deliberations. A reporting series called Health Debunked pits GoodRx's editorial team against industry fads, scuttlebutt, and more to generate a no-nonsense, factual response that will highlight what's true or false for users. Video Explainers presents numerous informational videos created in conjunction with medical specialists that cater to a variety of common health topics.