GenScript Partners with Multiply Labs for Automated Cell Therapy Manufacturing

GenScript Biotech Corporation and Multiply Labs have announced a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the cell therapy manufacturing process. By leveraging Multiply Labs' expertise in robotics and GenScript's leading cell isolation solution, the collaboration introduces a fully automated approach to cell therapy production, specifically targeting the labor-intensive cell isolation phase. This innovative automation technology promises to enhance efficiency, reduce human error, and significantly increase the scalability of cell therapies.

The partnership combines GenScript's position as a global leader in life science research tools and services with Multiply Labs' cutting-edge robotics technology. Multiply Labs specializes in providing autonomous manufacturing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on developing advanced robotic systems for producing individualized drugs at scale. GenScript, on the other hand, boasts a solid foundation in DNA synthesis technology and operates across multiple business units, including life science services, biologics contract development, and manufacturing. This collaboration signifies a significant advancement in personalized medicine, with the potential to transform the landscape of cell therapies and improve patient access to life-changing treatments.

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