GE HealthCare Unveils AI-Powered Ultrasound Systems for Women’s Health Imaging

GE HealthCare has introduced the Voluson Signature 20 and 18 ultrasound systems, designed to revolutionize women's health imaging with advanced AI integration and ergonomic design. These systems promise to accelerate exam times for clinicians while offering clearer imaging of various conditions affecting women's health, boosting diagnostic confidence and treatment decisions.

The Voluson Signature series combines high-performance hardware with scalable software, incorporating AI-enabled ultrasound technologies to support swift and precise diagnoses. Features such as voice commands and the SonoLyst suite of AI tools, including SonoPelvicFloor and Fibroid Mapping, streamline assessments and reduce exam times significantly. With the integration of technology like the Vscan Air CL wireless dual probe, clinicians gain flexibility and enhanced mobility in their workflows. GE HealthCare's General Manager for Women's Health Ultrasound, Gerald Seifriedsberger, emphasizes the potential for these advancements to detect abnormalities earlier and improve treatment planning, ultimately enhancing health outcomes for women.

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