GE Healthcare Simplifies MRIs

MRI scan simplification has been a topline priority for some of the biggest names in healthtech in recent years, and GE’s Healthcare segment is no stranger to the cause. Its new AI platform, The SIGNA Experience, was developed to help any type of clinician — even those with little to no experience — bypass some of the laborious leg work involved with conducting an MRI scan. SIGNA incorporates AI and deep learning-centric programs with easily positionable magnetic coils to guide staff in reading GE’s provided scanners as well as rendering diagnostic images at speed.

“SIGNA Experience was designed in response to today’s industry pressures, to help achieve operational efficiency and simplicity, as clinicians face a significant volume of non-urgent backlog scans caused largely by the impact of COVID-19, radiologist shortages, and staff burnout, as well as today’s growing disease burden,” said GE’s President and Chief Executive Officer of magnetic resonance, Jie Xue.

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The company has now introduced a variety of MRI scan streamliners. Its AIR Recon DL, a recent recipient of an expanded clearance from the FDA, can assist in deriving more signal information via faster scans and varying imaging techniques. AIR x and AIR Touch, two workflow solutions, were put in place to help technologists in the cumbersome task of setting up the associated equipment, including GE’s external AIR coils, and will automate a patient’s next-step guidelines following a scan.