GE Healthcare Launches AI-Enabled Urology Software to Enhance Prostate Care

GE Healthcare has introduced Prostate Volume Assist (PVA), an AI-based software feature aimed at revolutionizing prostate imaging, biopsies, and treatment guidance in urology. With a focus on streamlining workflow and improving efficiency, PVA automates the process of determining prostate volume, offering clinicians a one-click solution that delivers results in under two seconds. This innovative technology addresses a critical need in urology by providing precise measurements essential for diagnosing and managing prostate diseases, including prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer, a significant health concern affecting millions globally, underscores the importance of advanced tools in urology. PVA's integration into GE Healthcare's ultrasound-guided solutions portfolio, including the bkActiv, bk3000/5000, and bkSpecto, amplifies the capabilities of these systems, empowering urologists to make informed treatment decisions with confidence. The debut of PVA at prestigious medical congresses signifies GE Healthcare's commitment to advancing personalized, connected, and compassionate care, while continually innovating to overcome healthcare challenges and improve patient outcomes.

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