Four-Program Gene Therapy Pact Unites Takeda With Code Bio

Multinational pharmaceutical company Takeda is vying for a seemingly flawless streak of gene therapy dealmaking. Its latest pact entails a $2 billion biobucks agreement with Code Biotherapeutics across four programs. Code Bio, which was spun out of Philadelphia-area tools and diagnostics company Genisphere in 2020, will have Takeda's help in deploying its non-viral gene therapies against liver-directed rare disease and central nervous system conditions. Takeda, for its part, now has exclusive licensing rights for the four programs as well as the obligation to bring the assets to clinics following a joint research campaign.

Brian P. McVeigh, Code Bio's Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder, said,
“We are proud to collaborate with Takeda, a world leader in the fields of genetic medicine and rare diseases. This collaboration will further enhance our capabilities by bringing together Takeda’s expertise in gene therapy and rare diseases with our expertise in delivering genetic medicines as we drive forward on our mission to bring meaningful treatments and cures to patients suffering from serious and life-threatening genetic diseases.” The deal's $2 billion potential, including a double-digit million figure upfront, will be realized if Code Bio meets future development and commercial milestones while earning tiered royalties over the course of the partnership.

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Takeda's recent deal frenzy has featured a $3.6 billion bet last October on Poseida Therapeutics' six to eight in vivo gene therapies across hematologic and love diseases, which was preceded by a $1.12 billion agreement with Selecta Biosciences for access to its gene therapies treating lysosomal storage disorders.