FDA Greenlights Cancer Detection AI Tools From Two RadNet Subsidiaries

Fresh from the news that their diagnostic imaging parent company is boasting an 8.4% first-quarter revenue increase year-over-year, two RadNet Inc. subsidiaries have scored FDA approval for their AI-centric mammography and prostate tools.

DeepHealth’s Saige-Dx, a cancer detection AI tool that spots notable lesions in mammograms and then categorizes them based on level of suspicion, recently gained an FDA nod. “In our study to support FDA clearance, all 18 radiologists who participated exhibited improved performance when using Saige-Dx, resulting in the largest increase in performance across all mammography AI products on the market to date,” said DeepHealth Chief Technology Officer Dr. Bill Lotter. “The improved performance was reflected in both an increase in the percentage of the cancers detected and a lower false positive rate when using Saige-Dx.” The offering can reportedly outpace trained breast imaging radiologists in cancer detection by one to two years.

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Also greenlit by the FDA was Quantib Prostate from RadNet subsidiary Quantib. The software’s AI-powered tools streamline MRI prostate reporting workflow, giving a boost to reporting quality as well as speed. Included are a number of new features added at the behest of Quantib affiliates and customers that will do much to bolster radiologists and urologists in their work.