FDA Gives Go-Ahead to Moon Surgical’s Maestro Surgical Robotics System

Following a June Series A funding round that totaled to $31.3 million, Moon Surgical’s latest innovation in surgical robotics has earned a 510(k) clearance from the FDA. The Paris and San Francisco-based company’s Maestro system, which essentially acts as an on-demand surgical assistant, is designed to be easily integrated into existing clinical workflows. It also brings with it a range of capabilities for boosting efficiency for all operating room considerations, proffering alternative labor models when suitable.

“The clearance of Maestro by the FDA is a significant step forward on this path,” said Moon Surgical’s Chief Executive Officer, Anne Osdoit. “It enables select high-volume surgical centers in the U.S. and the patients they serve to gain access to the capabilities offered by Maestro. It will also provide us with invaluable insights about its use in a real-life setting.” With the goal of altogether transforming minimally invasive surgery with the power of collaborative, adaptive robotics, Osdoit aims to exploit Maestro’s compatibility with nearly every type of OR.

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Ahead of the inevitable commercialization for Maestro and following the completion of its successful in-human clinical study, the company has indicated that interest from various leading surgical practices in the U.S. is increasing momentum for the product and will surely buoy its initial market entry.